[VIDEO] 4 Steps To Overcome Overwhelm And Get Things Done In Your Business

Let's be honest, getting things done in your business is probably the most difficult part of owning a business. From the endless to-do list, to the struggle of balancing work and life, and especially the doubts around whether or not you're actually doing the *right things*... it can be tricky. In this video, I explain how you can take 4 simple steps and use them to overcome overwhelm, take back your time, and create massive momentum in your life and business.

[PODCAST] Should You Shut Down Your Facebook Group? ft. Jessica Rodriguez

Sometimes it's good to burn your bridges in business... and it seems like all of the top entrepreneur's are shutting down their huge Facebook groups these days. Does that mean you should, too? Jessica and I talk about this topic in depth, and we even share the necessary "bridges" we decided to burn in our own businesses! I promise you'll feel liberated immediately after listening to this episode.