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GC Ep. 2 :: When Success Takes Longer Than You Expected

GC Ep. 2 :: When Success Takes Longer Than You Expected

This week's episode is close to our hearts because we've personally been through really tough times as entrepreneurs. It's easy to look at the shiny, glossy exterior of someone else's business website, social media following or photographs and think to yourself, "Man, I don't think I'll ever have a business as legit as theirs..." because you're only looking at one small fraction of the whole story. 

But you may not realize how much of the story you're actually missing. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs aren't willing to share their behind-the-scenes without a perfectly manicured marketing pitch.

And that's why we started Gamechanger Culture Podcast, essentially. To shine light on the full story. So that dreamers and believers like you can actually achieve... and so you can save yourself from the time-consuming and soul-sucking disease of false expectations.

Because in the online business world, it can be really hard. If you're not careful you may find yourself in a spinning cycle of comparison or doubt. And almost every time another entrepreneur comes to me looking for support for their struggles... it's usually rooted in false expectations.

I thought I would have booked more clients by now...
I thought I would have made more money by now...
I thought this launch would solve all my problems...
I thought hiring this coach would finally make my business profitable...

And on and on.

And there are certain things that can absolutely shorten your timeline. I fiercely believe in the power of investing in yourself and in working with an experienced coach or mentor.

But what happens when that doesn't "work"? What happens when you're still facing resistance? What happens when your results just aren't showing up?

In this episode I share about how you can navigate the rocky waters of unmet expectations and what to focus on instead.

But before that, I share a lot about my own journey. I share some vulnerabilities that you need to hear if you're doubting yourself and looking at your long history of entrepreneur 'failures'.

I hope it not only encourages you but also gives you a little kick in the butt! If your dreams are big, you have to understand that there will be battles. In fact, I've noticed that when my dreams were really big (like, scare the bejeezus out of me big) then the battle was even BIGGER.

I don't believe it's because God was trying to torment me, but because He was trying to prepare me for what would lie ahead.

"With great power comes great responsibility", right?



Episode Highlights:

2:00 - Kyle asks Erika how long it took for her to feel aligned in her business
3:45 - Erika shares about how 2016 was the hardest, but most rewarding year so far
5:30 - How long it took for Erika to reach 5-figure months
9:50 - #BTS of Erika's 6-figure launch, from her work hours to the sacrifice it took
13:40 - Erika talks about different seasons in business, and what she's focused on now
18:40 - Erika talks about her business, personal & financial goals for the next 12 months
21:40 - If you feel frustrated with where you're at in your business right now, Erika dishes out some advice on how to set big goals and start small.
28:15 - Kyle gets real and speaks directly to entrepreneurs who are fighting to build their dream


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