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UE Ep 8: Why Every Online Coach Needs A Sales Funnel with Christiana Hill

UE Ep 8: Why Every Online Coach Needs A Sales Funnel with Christiana Hill

If You're An Online Coach, You Need A Sales Funnel

Whether you're a health coach, life coach, business coach, fitness coach, or anything else in between... you've probably heard of "sales funnels". Maybe you've questioned the purpose of a sales funnel, or maybe you're just resisting getting one in place because you're dead tired of all of the *new* things that experts say you have to do to be successful.

Trust me, I get it!

But here's the harsh truth:

When I was 2 years in of building my coaching business, I had really come to a dead halt. Even though I reached 6-figures, it felt like each dollar took a lot of effort and the pressure was only growing. There was only so much I could do, being one person and all. Despite the fact that I had some VA's helping me with customer service, content creation, and other project tasks, my sales were really suffering.

I had spent so much time and energy focusing on a 1-to-1 model of selling and serving that I was feeling burnt out and finding my well of leads quickly drying out. Not to mention, I was leaving massive amounts of money on the table for each person who couldn't afford to pay me for my premium program or who was just too nervous to book a Discovery Call.

Sales funnels allow you to sell to multiple people at once, which means you're meeting more needs, impacting more lives, and increasing your bottom line.


Meeting The Needs of Your Customers

The reality is, you have so many different types of customers. You have customers who are ready to pay you the big bucks, sure... but more often than not, people will NOT be excited to fork over thousands of dollars to work with you when they hardly know you. #byefelicia

The online space is competitive and it is only growing by the minute... so think about how powerful it could be if you offered smaller, more affordable (or free!) nuggets of information or education that anyone landing on your website could take advantage of.

You can't ask strangers for a marriage proposal... and that's why you need a sales funnel.


Building Your Email List

It's easy to forget about building your e-mail list when there are plenty of vanity metrics to get excited about... like the amount of comments you get on a Facebook post, or the number of Instagram followers you have. But in reality, those numbers are contributing to building your brand, not necessarily building a true, sustainable business.

If there's ONE piece of advice I could give to you, or any entrepreneur for that matter, is that you should be focusing on building your e-mail list every single day.

Your email list directly corresponds to the money you make, and that's why you need a sales funnel.


Automating Your Business

This is going to be exciting for you if you really value lifestyle, health, freedom and spending quality time with those you love. 

I don't know about you, but when I first began dreaming of entrepreneurship and owning my own business, I was thinking about the location-independent lifestyle, the flexible work hours, and the mid-week beach trips.

But what I quickly found out was that without systems (and sales funnels) in place, I had essentially created a 80-hour stay-at-home job for myself.

Maybe you can relate?

While starting a business from scratch is no small feat, you don't have to stay in the hustle mode forever... you're supposed to be able to promote yourself to CEO in your business.

But without systems to sell automatically, serve automatically, and grow your list automatically... it's going to be literally impossible to dig yourself out of the hole.

Sales funnels allow you to grow your business completely on automate. It's not sleazy or even hard to do... in fact, it's really simple and it allows you to serve at a much higher level. This is a WIN-WIN for you and your people!


Don't Take It From Me

If you're not convinced, it's totally cool. Neither was my client, Christiana, at first. It took her awhile to see the benefit of this type of a system. But when she finally got on board and implemented what I taught her... her results have been INSANE! Watch the video below (or listen to the podcast interview above) to hear all about her story and how one sales funnel completely transformed her business:

More About Christiana

Q: Tell us how you started your business & what your business is all about:  
A: In 2015, I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and, being the impatient, ready-to-rock lady I am, I immediately launched into building a coaching practice despite their recommendation to wait 6 months. My first phase of business was as a Health & Empowerment Coach for Tall Women. Being a 6'5" confident lady myself, I figured it was a great place to begin! Eventually I hired a business coach who helped me transition into Self-Love and Confidence for Tall women, but the months were going by and I just wasn't feeling right.

For a newbie in the health & life coaching space, I was really thankful for the publicity I was getting. I worked with ESPNW, spoke at a cross-country event circuit, landed some major writing gigs, and even was getting contacted by tall women's clothing retailers! But the business I had created wasn't a full reflection of myself and, in the process of working on mindset and health, I'd TOTALLY lost the fierce go-getter I had been my whole life.

In the midst of really feeling like I made a huge mistake and should just quit, I had a few new coaches reach out to me for some business building advice. They really had enjoyed the community I'd created and wanted something similar. From there, the rest is history! I LOVED talking strategy but, more importantly, I got absolutely lit UP helping women who were willing to chase their dreams like their hair is on fire. I still get goosebumps when I talk (or write) about it!

Q: List some accomplishments you're super proud of:
A: Playing D1 volleyball in college (ahhhh the glory days)
Officially leaving my corporate job!
Retiring my husband from Corporate America so he could start his own coaching business.
Nailing my first yoga headstand on a beach in Hawaii.
Pouring my first LEGIT latte art! (Probably the most important on this list)

Q: What fuels you in your business?
A: When my clients and community members have that, "Heck yes, I can DO THIS!!" moment. I can't even begin to tell you how inspired and thankful I feel when I help women reach a place where they know just how amazing they are and start to see results. Freaking brilliant.

Q: What's your motto in business and/or life?
 Behaved women don't make history.

Q: What's your "zone of genius"? AKA what are you really good at? Brag a little, it's cool.
A: It feels SO good to say this (because it's taken me a year to get here) but my Zone of Genius is giving aspiring female leaders the tools to tap into their strengths and unleash their potential so that they can build impactful online businesses.

These women are the go-getters, the doers, the I-don't-know-how-to-make-my-vision-a-reality-but-I'll-die-trying types who just need help finding their "thing" and a strategy to make it happen. Because they believe in themselves and their message that much, I feel like magic happens when they nail down what they should be doing and how they should be doing it!

In a paragraph, share a quick story of a specific time or breaking point where you "unleashed" and unapologetically owned YOUR sh*t (your desires, beliefs, values, etc.).: Well shoot...this is going to get REAL! (Forewarning, there is poop in this story)

So 7 months into business, I hadn't gotten a single paying client....no joke. To pay the bills I took a temporary nannying job, and one day in particular I just wanted to rip my hair out. I'd had a massive pity party for myself that morning because my business was going no where, got to the house to nanny, and BAM! Instantly had to deal with The Great Poop Fiasco of 2016. I won't go into details, but ultimately it got everywhere (including my face) and I actually had to pull over on the way home that day because I was sobbing so hard. I realized in that moment that my "I'm not good enough" belief system and my lack of faith in my myself was blowing up in my face. Literally. Later that night I started personal development reading, revamped my message to reflect a CONFIDENT me, and a week later got my first client!

Q: What's the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to get to where you are today? 
A: In January 2015 my 28-year-old sister passed away. At the time of her passing we weren't really speaking, and it started to totally eat me up inside with guilt. Over the next 6 months, I holed up, didn't take care of myself (actually landed myself in the hospital), put all dreams of mine on the back burner, and basically spiraled into a really dark time.

In a place of feeling SO low, I was approached by a random women (turned out to be a psychic) and she literally took my reality and flipped it on it's head. She knew my sister by name and gave me a message from her to basically get my sh*t together and start living my life.

THAT was a turning point for me. I realized I had felt so guilty for her passing, for not apologizing to my sister for some stupid argument that I had forgotten just how blessed I truly was. Like I had waited to rekindle my relationship with my sister, I was waiting to live a happy life because I didn't think I deserved it. In that moment realized I had 2 choices...I could live my life and chase my dream of one-day helping women OR I could continue to be a shell of a human being who would one day regret her choices in life.

I'm so thankful to say I chose option 1 :)

Q: Introvert or extrovert?
A: Total introvert! Where are my INFJs at?!

Q: Favorite dessert?
A: Desserts are like children...you can't pick a favorite!

Q: If you could give 1 piece of advice to yourself 5 years ago, what would it be?
A: You're enough.


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