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How To Crush It With Webinars in 2017

How To Crush It With Webinars in 2017


It can feel like there are always 13048271 new things to try when it comes to marketing.

So-and-so says you have to be on Instagram.

Others say you should be blogging.

And experts say Facebook Ads are a MUST if you want to crush it online.

The reality is, all of these things are incredibly powerful ways to build a thriving, sustainable business. And I personally use all of these methods to grow my business.

But it's not about trying to do ALL the things... it's about doing what works for you and also aligns with your core values, your goals, and your business style.

That's why I personally love webinars!

I love being able to give incredible value to my audience. I love creating strong relationships and truly showing up for the people I'm meant to serve. I also *love* automation and being able to leverage my time in a really smart way.

Enter: webinars!

But hold up...

We've all registered for a webinar or two in our day.

And it can feel like our Facebook feed is full of ads pointing us to sign up for another automated webinar from the newest up-and-coming "expert" on the block.

So we can't ignore the chatter and the way the marketplace is evolving... 

Webinars can feel sleazy and anything but personal. Amirite?

You're not quite sure who the person is on the back end of the fancy presentation, and it can feel like they aren't all that genuine when it comes to caring about your personal success.

So are the rumors true? Are webinars dead?

OR are they still relevant? Is there room for you to start from scratch, today, with webinar as a marketing tool in your business?

My answer is YES! Webinars are still very much relevant. But if you want to succeed with webinars, you're going to have to change it up and do a few things differently.

You don't want to do webinars like you're stuck in 2014. If you do, it just simply won't work!

I've personally been able to bring in well over 6-figures into my business from webinars ALONE. So yes, I'd say they are 100% worth your time and energy...

Let's talk about how YOU can start crushing it with webinars, even if you've never hosted one in your life! There's still room for you, friend. I got your back ;) 

How To Crush It With Webinars

1. Keep It Short, Simple & Sweet

The reality is that people are busier than ever. There is so much information to consume and just not enough time in a day for us to consume it all. We're in an info-overload society and the attention span of your ideal client is only dwindling by the minute. 

What does that mean for you, the business owner and marketer?

We've got to say what we need to say, and do it fast. Otherwise, we risk losing their attention.

Gone are the days where a 2-hour or even 90-minute webinar presentation captured the attention of your viewers... instead, aim for 45 minutes to 60 minutes in total length (including the Q&A portion). 

One of the best ways you can shave off time from your webinar presentation is by talking less about yourself and more about the strategies and tips you have to share.

Your webinar registrants show up because they want to learn something! They want to get that information and then they want to move on. Shorten your presentation by talking less about your hobbies and your cats, and more about the topic of the webinar.


2. Stay One-Topic Focused

Instead of overwhelming your audience with 10 Ways to Lose Weight or 21 Ways to Rock It With Instagram.... start small. Go deep.

I understand wanting to give great value, but it's scientifically proven that our brains can only handle so much at a time. If you overwhelm your audience with too much information, they won't see the need to do the most important thing... work with you!

We know that the best way to help our clients or customers is by giving them the highest level of training or education around what it is that we teach. We want to help them have transformation. Not to mention, selling our products and services is what makes our business legit. So instead of going broad with your training, go specific.

Choose one small topic out of everything that you do to help your customers, and teach that. You'll have an easier time converting a viewer into a buyer and you'll make a bigger impact in their journey - promise!

3. Show Your Face, Beautiful

Have you ever been on a picture-perfect webinars that felt almost too good to be true, with no real connection with the host? In our modern marketplace, people are jaded. They are skeptic's and they're unsure of us as marketers and people who are selling services and products.

This means we need to draw back the curtain even more. We need to break the barriers that keeps us from creating true connections with our audience.

Live video, or video in general, is one of the best ways to show your audience that you're just a real person, with true intentions, and a heart to serve.

Utilizing the camera on your next webinar could really increase your sales because your prospects now feel like you're genuine. Just that one small tweak could have a huge impact.


4. Tailor Your E-mails To Your Viewers' Experience

There are very few business owners doing the e-mail thing right... and while fewer and fewer people are actually reading e-mails, they are still an essential part of your webinar campaign.

So how can we stay relevant in the mind of our subscribers without being spammy?

The best thing we can do it create tailored, relevant e-mails that make sense to our reader. That means email list segmentation.

For example, if someone signed up for your webinar but didn't actually show up, it wouldn't make sense to start talking to them like they were actually there. The solution? Send them specific e-mails that re-invite them to come back to the webinar encore. 

Or if your webinar registrant signed up, showed up, and applied for a call with you... it wouldn't make sense to keep sending them e-mails asking them to apply for a Breakthrough Session.

Instead, sending a separate e-mail sequence that would prime them for your call.

You don't always have to go to great lengths to create multiple e-mail sequences, but a few different types of e-mails would at least speak directly to our subscriber in a relevant way.

This feels less forced, more authentic, and more natural for the subscriber to stay with you and then buy from you in the end. 


What's Next?

Download my free Webinar Launch Outline here. It walks you through all of the things we do to prepare and launch a new webinar campaign... it's exactly what we use every time and what we teach our clients! And best of all? It's FREE! 

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