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So I Started A Second Business...

So I Started A Second Business...

So I've been procrastinating on this episode (and post) for about a month and a half.

For me that's a long time...

I make moves incredibly fast.

So sitting on this for so long has been painful.

But in a way, if I shared this with you any sooner I believe it would have been *too* soon.

I believe in divine timing, is what I'm sayingggg.

And now I'm just procrastinating on telling you how I've been procrastinating on telling you that I've started a second business.

It's not that I'm bored or have a ton of extra time...

Oh no.

In fact, starting a second business doesn't exactly fit into the "do less, better" narrative, because I've clearly taken on more.

But there comes a time when shifting and evolving is necessary.

And I've been thinking about the future a whole lot.

Like I'm almost 30 and we might want a kid in the near-ish future...

Oh god, I get itchy hives just thinking about being pregnant.

Buuuut in all seriousness, there's that whole future generations thing that I want to create a lot of generational wealth for. I'm talking residual income.

And then there's also my current desires... and a lot of them have been around wanting to make things more FUN and feminine.

Because I talk about masculine stuff a lot.

Business structures, marketing strategy, sales funnels.

And that's because I'm pretty darn good at all of that.

But I did this new business for ME.

Because it's filling me up in ways I haven't felt filled in a long time.

And it gave me a new, fun, fresh way to monetize my brand.

I'm a pisces to a T... we are constantly swimming, moving, evolving. It's just in my nature.

(Where are my fellow pisces sisters at?!)

Anyways, you probably want to know what the hell I'm talking about by now...

So I'll tell you that I have been secretly building a network marketing business right underneath your nose. HA! Bet you didn't know it!

Speaking of noses...

I used to turn my nose up to the idea of MLM and network marketing.

Half because I felt that being successful in MLM meant you had to sell your soul to the devil to be successful, and the other half was around the false pretense that women (and men, I guess) who created MLM empires did some shady shit to get there.

But alas, I have neither sold my soul and I don't know anyone in my organization who has either.


But I do now know a whole lot of incredible, kind, driven, supportive women who are changing lives and making MLM cool again.

So there are really about 6 or 7 reasons I joined this network marketing company and why I am currently building the business. You'll have to listen to the whoooole podcast episode to get the full scoop though!

To find out more about the company I partnered with, go to www.earnwitherika.com/hair

I was at one point really nervous to tell you about it... until I saw my checks roll in. #monetizationbaby

Now I'm reminded... the opinions of other's never paid my bills *wink*.

But for reals... I wanna hear from you! What do you think of network marketing? Have you had an experience before? Or are you curious about the whole thing?

Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. For everyone who is asking for my before/afters, here they are! These images will make sense when you listen to the episode ;) 

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