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[PODCAST] Should You Shut Down Your Facebook Group? ft. Jessica Rodriguez

Sometimes it's good to burn your bridges in business... and it seems like all of the top entrepreneur's are shutting down their huge Facebook groups these days. Does that mean you should, too? Jessica and I talk about this topic in depth, and we even share the necessary "bridges" we decided to burn in our own businesses! I promise you'll feel liberated immediately after listening to this episode.

How To Overcome Debt & Create Your Own Success ft. Angie Lee

GOT DEBT STRESS? Debt is something that can be paralyzing and overwhelming... and most of us are NEVER taught how to manage credit cards, investing, and money in general. This is something Angie had to teach herself when she found herself in $100k worth of debt out of college. She transformed her relationship with money, started her own online business, and was soon able to pay down chunks of $30k of credit card debt at once... and now she's running a multiple 6-figure online coaching business!

Marketing Strategies for New Entrepreneur's

If you've struggled with getting seen online and selling your services or products, this episode is for you! In this episode I walk you through creating your own marketing strategy plan so you can start creating momentum in your online business today. It doesn't have to be that hard, and these fundamental strategies will simplify things for you and help you blow up online.

The Art of a Standout Website (and membership site, too!)

Does the thought of your website give you serious brand shame? Or are you avoiding getting a website up all together because it sounds too techy and complicated? Meet Rachel McMichael, she's the official Techspert™ and website wizard here to school you on everything you need to learn about websites. Inside our interview, she shares what's working, what's not, how to make a first impression, and so much more!